Alpaca Trading Co. was established in 2003 to bring to you one of the world's finest fibers. Alpaca is used to make many of our gorgeous high-quality Alpaca garments and accessories. Alpaca Trading Co. works with ethical and ecological Peruvian Producers who are fairly compensated for their technical abilities. Our mission at Alpaca Trading Co. is to help these artisans to be recognized for their talents and abilities, and to serve as a venue for their economic development as well as to offer a variety of high end apparel and accessories.

Alpaca Trading Co. gets involved in the production of more than 80% of the products available on their line, from choosing and purchasing the fiber to designing and manufacturing the different garments and accessories. Alpaca Trading Co. realizes that many artificial fibers are available and some of them being sold as Alpaca. The only way to ensure the highest quality was to get involved in production. Alpaca Trading Co. employs over one hundred people in Peru in more than 20 different groups from artisans to tailors and handknitters, each of them specializing in what they do best.

Alpaca Trading Co. strives for the high quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients. Alpaca Trading's job is done only when the customer of its client is satisfied.